March 16 – The Last Straw


Today choose one issue : maybe plastic straws or plastic bags , and one venue – your local supermarket or favorite coffee shop.

And take action!

Here are some actions you can take:

  1. Write a letter

Get the contact details of the manager and write a personal letter to him/her explaining why you think their store is using too much plastic.

Write to your local community paper.

  1. Use social media

If you post a complaint about plastic on your social media, then tag the company (put @ with their name). They are often quite responsive.

  1. Start a petition

There are lots of sites for starting petitions which are quite simple to do. E.g or

  1. “Plastic attack”

People choose a certain day and then everyone takes the wrapping off their products and leaves it at the till, to show they don’t want it and also to highlight what a lot is being produced. The goal is to get supermarkets to see that customers want less plastic.

#beatplasticpollution #zerowaste #greenanglicans #iamanglican


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