March 12 – Refuse Straws

“the birds in the sky,
and the fish in the sea,
all that swim the paths of the seas”. Psalm 8 v 8

Globally, more than 1billion single-use plastic straws are used and thrown out daily. They are lightweight and easily blown by the wind. They are not recyclable. Animals can mistake straws for food, which can lead to their deaths. And straws are wasteful.Plastic doesn’t break down, so it doesn’t become part of the natural cycle again. Plastic breaks up, into smaller and smaller pieces, which remain and then become part of the food chain.”

Over one million birds are killed by plastic every year, many by straws.

Paper straws were popular through the 1960s until plastic straws replaced them — and thus began the  fixation with plastic straws. In the present day, plastic straws make up 99% of the global drinking straw market, with paper, glass, and metal straws making up the other 1%.

Why are plastic straws  not recyclable?. They  are made from polypropylene, which is a byproduct of petroleum, a fossil fuel that requires an incredible amount of energy and natural resources to extract and refine. Size is the biggest barrier to straw recycling. As plastic travels down conveyor belts while being sorted, small items like bottle caps and straws fall through the cracks and end up being sent to the landfill.

What do to?

First – just refuse it! Ask the waitron not bring you a straw

Second – use an alternative. You can purchase a packet of paper straws to carry with you, or a re-usable straw made of bamboo, glass, or stainless steel .

Third – ask the restaurant or shop to kindly stop using plastic straws. You can ask the waitron for the contact details of the manager and ask him or her.

Fourth – share this video on social media. Believe me, you will NEVER use a straw again!

#strawssuck #thelaststraw #beatplasticpollution #greenanglicans


2 thoughts on “March 12 – Refuse Straws”

  1. I have been picking up straws for years- when teaching and retired especially around Tim Hortons

    Very good idea now everyone should be doing this and more!,,

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