The Diocese of Swaziland has launched  a memorial orchard in memory of the late Bishop Ellinah Wamukoya.

The late Bishop Ellinah Wamukoya was the Leader of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa, Diocese of Swaziland. She was also serving as the Chairperson of the Anglican Communion Environmental Network. She demonstrated strong leadership skills and passion in aligning the Anglican Church to take care of the environment and advocating for climate justice. Her passion on environmental protection and climate justice has led into the Diocese of Swaziland being awarded by the Minister of Tourism and Environmental Affairs the, “Environmentally Active Faith Based Organization” in the Kingdom of Eswatini through the Temvelo Awards. She was awarded a Lambeth award by the Archbishop of Canterbury for   outstanding leadership in the area of sustainable development and Creation Care in the Diocese of Swaziland (Eswatini).

On December 18th, 2021 the Diocese of Swaziland invited Faith leaders across the Christian Community to share about the leadership role played by Bishop Ellinah on environmental protection and climate justice. Eswatini Environment Authority was also invited to share on the state of the environment in Eswatini and also the Ministry of Tourism and Environmental Affairs Shared on Gender and Climate change. The purpose of the service was to encourage the Faith Leaders in attendance to take off from where she left and implement in their faith communities and the Kingdom of Eswatini at large. The Faith Leaders who attended both online and live at the Cathedral Church of All Saints in Mbabane made some declarations which will ensure that the Faith Community indeed take off from where Bishop Ellinah left off during her Ministry. The Green Anglicans in Swaziland and the Swaziland Council of Churches are working on drafting a proper document of the declarations.

The Archbishop of Cape Town, The Most Rt Rev. Dr. T.C Makgoba was in attendance to the great service through online platforms. He  thanked the Southern Africa Faith Community Environmental Institute for sponsoring the Diocese of Swaziland on this event. He encouraged the faith community in Eswatini to partner with every possible stakeholder in driving the “Green Faith Eswatini” into an official Launch by relevant local Authorities

He then officially Launched the Establishment of an Orchard in Mbabane, Mpolonjeni Anglican Church. The Orchard is currently being set up and was named by the ArchBishop as “Bishop Ellinah Wamukoya Memorial Orchard”. His Grace contributed money to buy seventy trees to be planted to celebrate Seventy Years –  Bishop Ellinah Would have turned in May 2021 if she did not answer her call to be with the Lord in January 2021. The Diocese of Swaziland welcomes more donations to buy more trees and celebrate the Life of Bishop Ellinah. You can email [email protected] if you want to make arrangements to donate trees.

The Mpolonjeni Anglican Youth took it as their responsibility to ensure the Orchard is a success on their first Sunday of 2022 which was a Green Youth Day.

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