The Mothers Union of the Diocese of Lesotho received a grant from the UNDP to run a project around plastic waste management

The project involved three parts – cleaning the streets from plastic waste in clean up campaigns, making crafts from plastic waste, and sewing re-usable shopping bags to enable people to stop using plastic shopping bags.

Jobs were created for Mothers Union Members as well as some youth  to do the clean ups and also in creating bags and other items.

Apart from the creation of employment the project grew skills  that otherwise would have gone unnoticed. For instance; project management skills (MU executive)

marketing skills, as well as quality sewing and knitting skills to mention but a few..

The project came to an end in December, but the spill over  included sewing of MU branded bags, so there is likelihood of local production, thus, it will be self-sustaining to some extent.

Mrs. ‘Máseitshiro Khooe – Mothers’ Union Diocesan President

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