Launch of the Avos from Anglicans Movement


Green Anglicans has launched a movement to grow avocados. Avocados trees give food, shade and beauty.

The Green Anglicans office started the wave and grew 25 avocados from seed. These trees are being donated together with avocado pits to Sunday Schools. We have been collecting avocado pits from restaurants and cafes.

At St Peter’s Church in Khayelitsha, Rev Martha Sam blessed the planting of the avocado tree and Kagisho Petlo and Ms Vathiswa Manentsa, Sunday School teacher taught the children how to grow the trees with the pits.
Here are the instructions on how to grow an avocado from the pit. For more info contact Kagisho on…/Avocados-How-to-grow-them-f…

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