At the final day of the Lusaka Green Anglicans Conference, the young people , gathered from nine Southern African Countries have begun to form a network for change.

Naomi Foxwood of Tearfund shared how research shows that the most effective way for change to happen is via networks made up of small actions taking place. This is exactly the role of the Anglican Communion Environmental Network, to link together activists who are doing small butsignificant actions in their own context, so that they can support and inspire one another. Without the support of such a network, they will burn and lose heart. Young people are ideally supported to encourage each other through the use of social media.

The young people then began to develop their action plans for the next six months and beyond, firstly identifying partners and then looking at what their actions will be and who are the influential figures that they need to connect with in order to open doors…

The conference ended with a wonderful service with the Archbishop of Central Africa , he told the young people that they are not the leaders of the future, they are the church now and the leaders now.

The conference is over, the journey has begun… pray for these young people as they strive for the dream of a Greener Africa.

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