How Green is your Cathedral?

The Cathedral of the Holy Nativity in Pietermaritzburg, Natal, is certainly taking serious strides to become green.

They have sourced a company which offers recycling and have installed a service which is being used by many in the city centre as the Cathedral is situated at the heart of the City.

They organised a Youth Tree Planting day and sourced indigenous plants and trees to create a green and beautiful space which is water wise. A lot of fun was had by all on the day!

With the support of SAFCEI, they have conducted an energy audit. This is a modern building as Cathedrals go and was built in the days of cheap electricity! So it boasts four hot water geysers and literally hundreds of light bulbs. Cutting down on electricity usage will release funds for ministry as well as helping the planet!

A clergy forum was held hosted by Bishop Rubin Phillip where some 70 clergy gathered to look at the environmental challenges faced, as well as theologies that have contributed to our lack of Care for Creation.

The environmental work at the Cathedral has been spear headed by Rev Dr Andrew Warmback , assistant green Dean! He also heads up the social development work in the Diocese which will be strong on issues of eco-justice. He is assisted by two interns Michelle and Sibusisiwe who are part of the WWF-SA young leadership programme.

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