I decided that I would try to cycle to work one day a week. This was quite a challenge as Cape Town is a big bustling city with lots of traffic, very hot days and lots of wind! So I did some research and tried out a few routes to avoid the traffic – as I am quite nervous in traffic.  I use my weather app to make sure the day is not too hot or too windy.

So this is what I found:

  • There are some beautiful parts to the trip – along canals and through a park – no rush hour in those sections of the commute. It has become quite a highlight in my day.
  • You become much more in touch with nature – this morning I saw a flock of flamingoes take off!
  • People greet and talk to each other – you feel more like part of a community rather than being part of a long line of cross people stuck in traffic.
  • I feel more balanced, fitter and healthier.

There are many ways to make your trips greener – it takes some work – finding a lift share club or getting back on that bike, or working out a public transport option that is safe and gets you to work on time.

Scooters are the most fuel efficient vehicles which are very affordable and electric vehicles are expensive to buy but you will have big savings in the long run.

The more people get onto bikes, the safer they will become as motorists will be more aware. We need to be more pro-active in pushing the local municipalities to provide cycling lanes and to keep cars out of those lanes.

Give it a try – just once a week and enjoy!!
-Rachel Mash

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