Green Talent Show Winner’s : Inter-diocesan Green Carnival



The Anglican Interdiocesan Carnival that was held in St Aiden’s included talent completion. On that day there were quite a few performances, even though they were few but all of the performing groups and individuals were soo talented. Unfortunately there only had to be one winner, and the judges had a tough job in choosing the winner for that day. At the end of the day it came to one winner which was the St Michael’s Sunday School, with their amazing angelic voices they are the first annual interdiocesan champions.

The office of Green Anglicans did promised and we took the trophy to St Michael’s Anglican Church in Harare. The Rev. Sam complemented the Sunday school teacher (Mrs Bolofo) of the wonderful job she is doing with the kids, she then blessed the trophy. We thank the Sunday school teacher for such an amazing job in discovering the talents that even the parents did not know existed in their kids.  The question now is, Will St Michael’s Sunday School Keep up the momentum and win the trophy

again next year…….

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