Green Entrepreneurship in Lesotho



Mpho Nkonkoane and Mathakhoe Nkaota were the winners of a Green Entrepreneurship Challenge run by Green Anglicans. They started a seedlings nursery . They are making great progress! They are enthusiastic about agribusiness and caring for the environment.

Initially there were lots of challenges as the area had to be cleared from weeds and stones and the weather was very changeable . They then had to put in poles to create the shadecloth for the seedlings, they dug them in really deep because of the strong Lesotho winds, but this meant that they did not have to use cement . It wasn’t easy as everything was a learning curve!

But they were able to get the seedlings nursery up and running. They have also been give a space at the Lesotho Durham link which is close to the lake, where they can access water for free, and have been growing vegetables. The beans have grown very well! They also grew ten boxes of tomatoes and green pepper which was their pilot study to see what grows best.  They were able to donate to various church projects

So now they will not only be selling seedlings, but can sell vegetables as well as they go to scale!

And plans for the future?

They will start growing trees to sell and donate. They plan to have two workshops  about caring for the environment and encourage young people to engage in Agribusiness. They  will also offer support to young people who will show interest in starting their own gardens in their own homes.

These two are going places!!

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