Green Disciples in the Diocese of Niassa


The Diocese of Niassa held a four day consultation on “Intentional Discipleship” in Lichinga. The consultation was led by Canon John Kafwanka and Canon  Mark Oxbrow. As part of the exciting programme, Green Anglicans represented by Ven Raphael Eugenio looked at discipleship from an environmental point of view. Each day there was a slot to focus on the environmental aspects of discipleship and caring for creation.

In the first session the attendees where challenged to consider the five items they would need in the case of an emergency. How can we best help our congregations to keep these items safe if an emergency should take place? What are the most important five actions the Church can take in the case of an emergency such as flooding or a cyclone?

In the second session they looked at environmental challenges they face – using the “problem tree” as a methodology to look at the root causes of deforestation, dirty water and plastic waste etc.

During the third session they looked at how the Church can adapt to climate change and be ready to face disasters in the future.

The materials were adapted from “pastors and disasters” by Anglican Alliance

After the workshop the group did a clean up in the community.

Bishop Dino Gabriel from the Diocese of  natal also joined the Consultation together with two priests from the new Diocese of Nampula.


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