God saw that it was good


A large group of 70 young –  and young at heart – joined the first Green Anglicans ‘holy Hike” of the year. We went to Echo Valley (so called because of the Echo you can hear as you call). With beautiful views over the ocean, we clambered up the mountain to reach the beautiful “enchanted forest” an area of ancient forest that has survived fires over many years because of the river running down the kloof

Here we took our snacks and had a devotion.  We read the story of Creation from Genesis 1 and Rev Rachel reflected that everything that God created needs each other. Without the earth, the plants cannot flourish, without the plants the birds cannot flourish and without all of the eco-system human life will fail.

Over and over again God said – it is good. And on this hike we can see the goodness and beauty of Gods creation. But in most places if we look we cannot say ‘it is good’, we will say ‘wow what a mess or what a stink” from the litter and rubbish dumped everywhere. So let us commit ourselves to bring back the goodness to God’s Earth

Young people from 9 churches joined the hike and we were delighted to be joined by the Claremont high school bird club. (though I fear we were making so much noise that the birds were scarce!)

A big thankyou to Neil Adams who shares his love and passion for young people and for Creation.

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