God is Green

There were no plastic bags in the garden of Eden, Littering is a sin, Keep Witzenberg clean – these are some of the slogans and posters the youth came up during World Environment Week. These posters were used to decorate St Matthew’s Church (Bella Vista) when the Green Bishop, Geoff Davies preached and celebrated on Green Sunday, 1 June. Bishop Geoff in his sermon reminded the people of Witzenberg that all of us are called to be stewards of God’s creation. He furthermore re-iterated that Environmental justice is equally important as Political justice. The Bishop also informed the congregation of the dangers of fracking and the devastating effects it has on the environment.







To coincide with youth month and World Environment Day, Revd. Doctor Rachel Mash, presented a workshop on Saturday, 14 June in the Parish of St Matthew (Bella Vista) for the youth and Sunday School Teachers. Teachers from as far as Montagu/Ashton, Robertson, Worcester and Ceres attended the workshop. Revd. Rachel introduced teaching methods in order to convey environmental issues. She encouraged all Christians to Go Green and provided helpful lifestyle tips to reduce our carbon footprint.

The people of the Boland are very dependent on the produce of the land and the effects of climate change can lead to job losses and economic decline. All of us can play our part, when we re-use, reduce and recycle.


The Prayer of Confession which was used in the liturgy for Green Sunday:
O God of justice and plenty,
whose generous earth was created for its own beauty,
for the nourishment of its people,
and to sing of your glory.
We confess that through our sinfulness
we have harvested injustice and pollution,
and not your abundance;
the land has become strange to us
and our songs of celebration have turned harsh.
Forgive us all that is past
and grant that we may serve you
in newness of life
to the glory of your Name.

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  1. immanuel Nakambale

    Lets go green avoid burning grassland and bushes as this may increases the smoke that contributes to green house effect and global warming and as a result climate changes,floods and drought may occur.

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