Girls and Boys friendly Society learning about caring for Creation (GBFS)

God created the Earth and said “it is good” so why is it bad now?

On Saturday the 31 August, we had the opportunity to address the GBFS at their annual conference which was held at St. Peter’s in Khayelitsha. The conference saw about 100 young people gather from all 3 dioceses in the Western Cape. The session to present to the members took place after lunch.

We were welcomed by the GBFS President of the Diocese of False Bay, and were allocated a half an hour to present to the members. We started our time off with some praise before moving into the presentation and devotion. The presentation focused on introducing the young people to what Green Anglicans is and what it is that we do as many were uninformed about the movement.

In the presentation we had the young people reflecting on their environments, those around their houses, their church and within their communities. Then we had them reflect on the state of the rivers and sources of our water and its conditions, and for majority the response was that both were in bad conditions. We then proceeded to ponder the fact that when God created everything it was good, how then has everything gone bad and how do we get it back to being good.

This then led into the devotion where we shared that we are chosen by God, and we are chosen to bring about social justice, just like Jesus did. We not only need to bring about social justice for people but for all of creation. The session for the day was led by Bino Makhayalane and John-Paul Roberts.

We appreciate the support of CTEET for this programme

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