Girls and Boys Friendly Society going Green in Mzimvubu

Girls and Boys Friendly Society  Going Green in Mzimvubu


The executive of Anglican Youth of Southern Africa in the Diocese of uMzimvubu contributed positively towards conscientising members of Girls and Boys Friendly Society members at their diocesan conference 7th July about the 5th mark of mission; To safeguard the integrity of the environment…

They invited diocesan youth coordinator from the Diocese of Natal to share some insights about creation care and how best each person can contribute positively towards a clean and safe environment and church. Mandisa began her presentation with an ice-breaker  by dividing members according to birthdays as per quarter Jan-March, April-June,  July-September then October to December because nobody knew what would follow next one could tell from the level of noise the kind of excitement anticipated. She then challenged each group to go around the church premises to collect as much dirt and drop it in front of the altar and a timer was set.

On return, she asked who was responsible for such dirt as no one lives  in the  church? Turns out all that dirt was from arrivals the previous day; chips and sweet packaging, juice and fast food packs. Mandisa then asked questions of why is it easier for members to wash  their white guild  uniform tops and look presentable but throw dirt away irresponsibly? Also asked if the Bishop who earlier conducted a Eucharist service at the conference would find the sight pleasing had he walked inside  at that very moment? The answer was NO!

Young people were challenged especially  GBFS leaders to come up with programs that see to it that in each and every gathering members do contribute toward clean and safe surrounding one  gathering at a time.


Mandisa Gumada

Youth Coordinator-Natal

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