Girls and bafana society launches Green Anglican campaign


The three Dioceses of the Western Cape: Cape Town, False bay and Saldanha Bay launched their Eco Projects and Orange against Gender Based Violence campaign on the 23rd of March in Holy Cross, Nyanga

Over 150 young people attended from across the Dioceses. They started with a workshop on Gender based Violence – the Orange Campaign

Then the Green Anglicans Team did a presentation on Plastic – how it is damaging the earth and our health as humans. They also learned how to grow an avocado tree and heard about the importance of growing trees, not just planting. A tree needs two years of watering before the roots reach the water table.

50% of the worlds population in young. 100% of the world’s future is young.
The older generation have failed to be stewards of Creation, now young people must rise up to be healers of the Earth

The youth divided into their church groups to discuss what they could do about plastic in their communities

The young people then did a clean up event and planted trees and succulents

We were honoured to have the GFS Global President Mme Thembeka Pama at the event.

Photos Thembeka Pama, Ncumisa Magadla..ThankyouCTEET!

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