G/BFS Diocese of Mbashe brighten the rural

The Diocese of Mbashe held their annual Girls Bafana Friends Society (G/BFS) conference at St Marks Collegiate, Cofimvaba. The weekend conference had a tight program which included greening the conference.  The uniform competition on Friday night resembled the cleanliness orated by Green Anglicans, young girls and boys displayed a Godliness image their fellow members.  St Marks was striking choice of venue to host a group of young people, the area was rich in biodiversity, we spoke of what we saw walking or splayed across the road, an eye opener to some.

The Diocese of Mbashe is on in a few that can bring sustainability massage easier than others as it has show places where rolling mountains lie green and trees breeze fresh air , for a brief moment we could all appreciate good quality air.  Confirming it in an Anglicanism presentation Rev Songezile Gaya mentioned that people of God have a responsibility to care and respect the environment.

Being away from urban lifestyle, brought realisation that we all need to affirm to care for creation as second nature, living sustainable lives.


3 thoughts on “G/BFS Diocese of Mbashe brighten the rural”

  1. wow wow abantabatsha really kno how 2 make thing done en on point.siyanibulela bazalwane.I can imagine the joys,spirits lokongamelana nabatsha abasuka kwezinye iDiocese.a big up 2 Mbashe Diocese….!

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