“Fun runs” are no fun for the Ocean


On World Ocean Day a team of young and old gathered at the Blue Lagoon beach – to appreciate nature and clean up the area which has different outdoor events happening every weekend from festivals to walks and runs, and as expected DCR Youth run was scheduled for the same day. Broken beer and wine bottles, polystyrene foam, straws and plastic bottle tops were the order of the day but what was saddening was the fact that the runners that were using were using plastic water sachets and throwing them everywhere while we were picking up; something of great worry as these were children of young age ranging from 7years howards. Reality kicked in right there of the ignorance of these run organisers to have a teaching element in them. these water sachets blow straight into the ocean causing damage to ocean creatures and birds.

Not quite what we had anticipated, however worth every second spent cleaning up the lagoon while appreciating the waves and surfers that changed direction. Beautiful ladies who are contestants of Miss Earth pageant also picked up litter reminding us to make cleanliness fashionable.

Different prizes were won for whoever brought back more litter, mug ‘n bean gave out vouchers to each participant. Looking forward to our next beach clean up for Mandela Day, 20th July 2019

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Mandisa Gumada

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1 thought on ““Fun runs” are no fun for the Ocean”

  1. “Beautiful ladies who are contestants of Miss Earth pageant also picked up litter reminding us to make cleanliness fashionable”

    Seriously?! It’s 2019. Look at the criteria to become “Miss Earth” (below): Nothing to do with tackling climate change or environmental justice, and entrenches unhelpful gendered power relations. This sort of ‘green washing’ thwarts the efforts of others who are trying to tackle environmental issues in an inclusive way.

    • Natural born Female
    • Never been married, single, never given birth
    • 18-27 years of age (until December 2019)
    • Minimum height of 5 feet 5 inches (165.10 cm)
    • Posses beauty of face and proportionate body structure
    • Outgoing and friendly
    • Excellent physical condition
    • Has knowledge of her country’s culture and environment

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