First Environmental Conference: Diocese of Swaziland

Taking on Environmental responsibility is more than admitting we have a social problem, it involves action and informing other people of the possibility of peaceful society. Diocese of Swaziland hosted their first Environmental Conference in response to the climate change in Swaziland. The conference was blessed by the presence of Bishop Ellinah Wamukoya who left the congregation with a challenge to root of change and pursue a dream of Swaziland being an Eco-diocese.


Rev Rachel Mash the Southern Anglican Environmental Network delivered key environmental factors that are affecting Swaziland as a country and how they could be changed, which included:

    Reduced rainfall will affects the production of crops
    Less irrigation and drinking water available

Extreme events such as heat waves lead to heat stress, and respiratory diseases.
The challenge is how the church responds to these issues, suggestions were given on how we can combat climate change.
Rev Rachel mentioned that if we reduce our carbon emissions rainfall will be reduced around the world with 20-60%, average warming will increase as high as 5-8 ⁰. The conference was a success and was well attended, Bishop Elilinah said “In Genesis we read that God looked at His creation and said ‘It is beautiful’. So we must be good stewards of what God has called us to do, to be stewards of all the earth….”

Ncumisa Magadla

3 thoughts on “First Environmental Conference: Diocese of Swaziland”

  1. im proud to see my Fathers and Mothers taking part in the GreenAnglicans Network
    #proud Swazi and agriculture student

    1. Dear Berlinda
      thanks for the comment! If you want to get involved in what they are doing in Swaziland please contact Maria Mbelu at the Cathedral her email is [email protected] God bless!

  2. Anthony M. Dlamini

    We need to have a follow up conference to look at what has been done following this conference.

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