In Genesis 2: 15 God gave us the command to “Work the land and look after it”. Some of the techniques we use actually damage the earth, by putting artificial fertilizers into the soil. Sometimes we turn the soil too much , which can lead to loss of nutrients, moisture and eventually erosion.

God’s way of farming is a way of doing “ Conservation Agriculture” based on Christian principles. It is  low tillage and only uses organic compost, a method  which builds the soil structure and the health of the earth. At the same time as healing the soil, carbon dioxide is also captured.

Mother Union members in class

Seventeen members of the Mothers Union from the Anglican Diocese of St. Mark the Evangelist attended the a  three day Farming God’s Way training course in Tzaneen.


The women spent the day learning  how to improve  their farming / kitchen gardens using this wonderful technique. They will be able to feed their families with healthy organic vegetables as well as selling to their neighbours for cash income.

The Diocese plans on taking more women on this wonderful experience to learn more and improve the lives of many families .

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