Faith Leaders Environmental Advocacy Training

I am Rev. JN Hanghome from the Diocese of Namibia, I was honoured to be part of Faith Leaders Environmental Advocacy training, held on the 25-27 July 2017 in Johannesburg.

I have experienced that Southern African Faith Communities Environment Institute (SAFCEI) is the strong body that is able to build capacity between the faith Leaders from different corners of all continent and Religions.

It’s also in the same manner that I came to understand what SAFCEI is, because I was not aware about it and its mission. I have learned that SAFCEI is a multi-faith organisation committed to increase awareness, understanding and action-taking on eco-justice, sustainable living, climate change by faith leaders and their communities in Southern Africa.

In addition, I have learned that we need to join hands as faith Leaders and come together to empower our self for the sake of caring for the Earth. Not only that, we need to put aside the regionalism and keep in mind that we are all created in the image of God. And we are given the obligation to take care of the Earth and everything in it Gen 1:28-30.

Lastly I learned that faith Leaders can play a major role in their communities to advocate on the caring for the Earth. Also that African country has similar environmental Challenges. Means through collaboration and networking we will fulfil God’s obligation. I have also learned that, the religion books for Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam are having different text on caring for the Earth.

-Rev Hanghome

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    1. Hello dear Father Joseph how are you? I am glad you enjoyed the SAFCEI course! how is the environmental ministry going in Namibia? I am going to try to chat to Bishop Luke at PSC. God bless Rev Rachel

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