Eco Retreat – Diocese of George


The Clergy of the Diocese of George attended an “Eco-retreat’ in the beautiful setting of Carmel Christian Conference. The retreat was conducted by Rev Canon Rachel Mash – provincial Environmental Coordinator of ACSA

The retreat started with the theme of biodiversity – hearing the voice of God in Nature. We were reminded that the Early Church Fathers and Mothers reflected the early voice of African Christianity in North Africa. They believed that there are two books of God – the book of Nature and the written Book of God.  We need to slow down, immerse ourselves in nature and hear the voice of God.

This will did during Eucharists in the open air, meditative walks on the mountain and the ocean.

The next day we reflected on the theme of water – mentioned 722 times in the Bible – for cleansing, healing, purifying and as a symbol of the Holy spirit. The following day was the tree – which are for the healing of the nations – both spiritually and physically. The last day we reflected on the theme of land- mentioned 2000 times in the Scriptures and a key part of our covenantal relationship with God.

Photo credits  Anglican Diocese of George

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