Diocese of Zululand childrens conference

The green Anglican team was invited to address the energetic youth of the diocese of Zululand’s about the importance of safeguarding our environment, which the message was well received. The group was very much diverse in terms of the age groups represented from Sunday school children to a much older youth. The approach was then the usual the focus was on mobilizing fellow church members to engage in environmental challenges that are unique in their area by committing themselves in becoming green such as finding solution for water and energy crises, recycling matters, awareness campaigns and most interestingly empowering more eco-schools. Ideas were flying across the room which showed their understanding and concerns of the environment at large. “To my surprise the crowed showed enthusiasm and how well equipped they are in terms academia and general knowledge they had”, says Sibusisiwe Shezi representing the green Anglican team.

The crowed was very much energized by the issues brought forward that it spark an interest in the clergy that was present to a point where they shared their stories and committed themselves in working together with the youth whether it will be recycling or building awareness. Other rectors were able to gel the importance of our roll when it comes to being the stewards of God’s creation with their sermons preached earlier during the day.

This wild and out team is ready to put their suggestions and solutions into action and already planning for Mandela day and want to make a spectacular event for their 67 minutes which they will be dedicating it in becoming green with the assistance of the green Anglicans to put their plans into actions, we are looking forward to this and hoping that the green Anglicans can fully support the youth of Zululand as they embark in this new journey.  Overall it was a great experience and looking forward to our next visit to the Diocese in the future.


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