Diocese of the Free State declares the Environment “A third mark of mission”

At their recent Synod , the Diocese of the Free State declared the Environment “A third mark of mission” together with HIV ministry and youth ministry. Congratulations to the Diocesan Environmental Coordinator, Rev Jessica McCarter  , together with the Diocesan Administrator, Bruce Harrison. Here is the text of the resolution passed.

Motion to Synod-Environmental Responsibility




The Anglican Church of Southern Africa has implemented the notion of Environment as one of its five marks of mission by declaring the following:

“To strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and to sustain and renew life on the earth”


And Whereas


Every Anglican in our Diocese should be come involved and should stive to achieve the above declaration


And Whereas


Our Diocese should accept responsibility to safeguard the environment in a practical and meaningful way,


This Synod resolves


  1. 1.       That the Environment Desk joins the Aids ministry and Youth Ministry by being declared a third area of mission in our Diocese.
  2. 2.       That in future,funds be allocated in the budget of the Diocese in order to support and sustain this critical and extremely important mission.


Proposer: Rev Jessica McCarter

Seconder: Bruce Harrison (Diocesan administrator)jessica mccarter

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