Diocese of Lebombo- Sunday School children caring for Creation!



Diocese of Lebombo, Mozambique: Sunday School Teacher are engaged in teaching children how to care for creation.

The Parish of St. Stephen and Lawrence ( Diocese of Lebombo) had their workshop on “how to care about the creation” by:


1- Saving water

2- Planting Trees, small plants and flowers

3- Recycle, Reduce, Reuse


The above topics were accompanied by practical activities:


  1. a)  They had Gymnastics to warm-up since it was a cold morning
  2. b) Children watched a 5 min movie on “if all trees disappear, all things die”
  3. c) They did research… children were separated in three groups: one group to find cans another group for glass and the third group for paper and plastics. They all won because the managed to put the garden clean.


Children also identified things that are not good in the parish garden:


– The way the waste is kept

– Trees are getting dry

– Erosion is taking part of the garden land


Two Children from the group were chosen to take notes of the findings and they have a proposal which will be sent to the parish council.


The last activity of the day was gardening.

We now have a little Sunday school garden. Children have planted some palm trees which they say will be used during the next year palm Sunday. They also planted different kind of flowers seeds. They are anxious to see the results in a few months.

Sunday school 1 Sunday school 2

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