Diocese of George AYF commits to Environmental Ministry


The Anglican Youth Fellowship from the Diocese of George held their annual youth conference KwaNonqaba, Mossell Bay on the 11-13 of September 2015. With an awareness aim, the conference commenced with a clean-up campaign at local public service centres. Environment issues seemed to be nothing new to the young people as they were very participative and aware of what is recyclable or not.
Working with Colonel Pedro Braaff, and Sargent Kaap, the young people placed the local police station in a very clean and healthy working environment. Commenting on the state of the Police station before and after Colonel Braaff said “Thank you to AYF and Green Anglicans for the effort put in, it shows that the Anglican Church is serious about care for creation and community relations.”

IMGP3146He later said that the young people are always welcome to do more of
these activities with help from the Police Station.

From the clean-up campaign AYF went back to the church to discuss their plan of action to make sure that more activities are done in the diocese to encourage environmental awareness especially in their parishes. After a brief presentation and discussion the youth decided on the following actions


  • Have an environmental officer in the AYF executive

    IMGP3157This person will be responsible for environmental activities in conferences and that issues that are putting creation at risk are
    taken care of

  • Invest in diocesan vegetable garden
    This will assist with conference catering and other events in the church
  • Change Conference venues
    Instead of using the church as the usual venue, have it in campsites or any outdoor place where people can connect more with nature
  • Environmental Education
    Each parish to host environmental summits and workshops.

They also discussed a number of activities and commitments that could be done by the diocesan executive and members including:

  • Recycling
  • Education to sustain the Green Anglicans movement
  • Form partnership with relating organisations and local municipality

Overall the executive and members took these to their general meeting and will be passed and practised by AYF.

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  1. This is good work and even more education to our community is needed with this regard. Nature is what defines us…

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