Clergy of Pretoria Diocese tackle Climate Change

Under the leadership of Bishop Allen Kannemeyer, the clergy of the Diocese of Pretoria are taking up the environmental challenge to care for Creation

Rev Rachel Mash , Provincial Environmental Coordinator was invited to address the clergy on the theology of Caring for Creation. Rev Reynard Shovel has been appointed as environmental Chaplain and canon.

The following actions were decided upon in archdeaconry groups



  • We must make use of the Season of Creation, starting on first Sunday in June, so as to incorporate Environmental Day
  • Plan and have an early morning “sunrise” service, an outdoor service
  • Creative use of the liturgy. If there is a challenge with printing and use of pew leaflets, use time to teach. For instance, Baptism can be such an opportunity.
  • Observe relevant days, e.g. feast of St Francis. Be creative according to local custom.


  • Archdeaconry Family Day: This service is usually outdoors. How can we use the service more effectively to include awareness of the environment, the animals that are part of the setting?

Advocacy Regionally

  • Make use of the notice board, outdoor advertising.
  • Make use of the supplied material, even post Lent, to engage the congregation and authorities.
  • The carbon fast, take one action and spread it over a week for more effect
  • The sewerage problem around Garankuwa, hold a meeting with the authorities responsible.
  • Make a sign, a poster, to raise awareness, and teach.



  • We can use two readings – blind Barthemeus (soil) water at the well (water)
  • We have two parishes called St Francis we will support as archdeaconry..
  • 99 trees we were promised by Green Anglicans and will be planted.
  • Garden to be started


  • using Season of Creation
  • have an outdoors sunrise service
  • use feast days of St Francis
  • Make use of supplied materials – especially the bible study. use the materials on water in the Lenten period and beyond
  • carbon fast – take one action from each day and spread it over a week for more effect


  • Worship: September use SOC materials.
  • St Francis bless animals.
  • Local church: Plant trees, vegetable gardens – encourage people to start these at home with “tyre gardens”
  • Recycling bins
  • Stewardship shouldn’t be only part of the year
  • Encourage vegetable gardens also at home – we can use tyres to plant in
  • As an archdeaconry – joint clean up projects


Worship –

  • to bring awareness in our preaching – take it to the pulpit
    • observe the season of Creation. Spread our information during the whole time – water land etc.
  • set the month of June for Creation especially on the 5th of June (nearest Sunday is 4th June)
  • Find youth representatives in our archdeaconries (young green anglicans) – search for them and involved them in the whole issue of the environment.
  • Bible studies will be organized on creation and our environment

Local church

  • recycling and cleaning campaigns at archdeaconry level – (resell bottle tops)
  • paintings of nature around our environment.
  • Parishes to plant trees when we meet at Family days e.g. in mandela park and other venues.
  • Bring different plants to decorate the church and have informal discussions about the environment.
  • harvest Sunday – bring food and distribute it to needy families


  • Plant a tree at venues for clergy meetings (the host parish to provide the tree)


  • World environment day to be done outside the church.
  • For three Sundays have the service outside (start outside and then come in) .
  • Sunday close to World Environment Day. Not just led by clergy.
    Start at local level to encourage congregation to recycle – remind them every Sunday.
  • Share positive stories such as A certain woman at macau got into recycling and was able to build herself a house.
  • Encourage young people to come with spades and rakes to clean the church yard.



Encourage parishes to hold their family days in the parks.

Local church.

Local church – 5th of June every church to plant trees at their parish

Watering – use buckets to water twice per week

Encourage people to make vegetable gardens.

Fundraise for Jojo tanks

  1. National advocacy –

Approach mines or stakeholders for resources

Recylcing at parish level – encourage youth to collect bottle tops.

Various methods of recycling will be established.



  • Involve local ward counsellors in the clean up
  • Involve local media
  • Make our clean ups ecumenical, anglicans can lead but we invite the
  • Chapter has appointed Fr Reynard is appointed as chaplain to the environment. he will be a canon and sit on chapter.
  • He is asked to call together the reps from the archdeaconries and put together a structure.

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Father Reynard Schovel

Pretoria clergy

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