Celebratory Trees

Across the Anglican Communion a growing number of churches are integrating tree growing into their spirituality. This might be confirmation, baptism, memorial, wedding trees, etc.

If you church is not yet doing this, do some research to find out examples either of other churches in your area or another Diocese that are doing this. Find out what are the successes and challenges. A few things you need to think about:

Cost: Does the candidate pay for the tree or can you source donations from government or business?

Logistics: How are the trees brought to church and how do the candidates take them home.

Education: Everyone who plants a tree needs to learn how to plant it and look after it – who and how will this be done?

Watering: A tree needs to be moist for two years – who will water and how?

Liturgy: What prayers are said – these can be distributed with the trees – a little leaflet or bookmark

Photographs: Who will take photographs and share to social media to inspire/encourage others?

Does your church have trees for confirmation baptism , patronal etc?
Have a look at some of the inspiring stories being highlighted on the Communion Forest website www.communionforest.org