Mandela Day – Caring for our Precious Planet

On Saturday 16th of July 2022 members of Green Anglicans Teens from St Columba Gugulethu in Cape Town organised a Mandela Day clean-up in collaboration with the members of the local community and the City of Cape Town Municipality.

The clean-up took place near the church premises where an illegal dump site has immerged near the lake and recreation park in the area. During the day members took the opportunity to educate community members on the impact illegal dumping has on the environment and the people who live close by these sites, part of the awareness was to empower people on what they can do when they witness someone illegally dumping as the dump does not just end in the Lake but flows down to our rivers and ends up in our oceans.  We did all of this to contribute towards the fight against climate change and show that we care for our precious planet Earth.

By: Chwayitile Fumba ( member of the Green Anglican Teens )

Photo Credit: Wendy Mhlaba and John-Paul Roberts 

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