Caring for Creation at Confirmation Camp

The Confirmation candidates of two of South Africa’s best known Anglican schools – Bishops and St Cyprians gathered at Mizpah centre for their confirmation retreat. In this beautiful setting they learned about their faith and creation.
They started the morning with a quiet reflective space and built their own prayer labyrinths.

Then they had a workshop with Rev Rachel Mash, Environmental Coordinator, who challenged them to think about the challenges of Caring for Creation. The fifth mark of Anglican Mission is to sustain creation, and we as humans have done a bad job so far! They did a bible study in small groups looking and the story of the Fall in Genesis and its consequences. We then looked at what a holistic understanding of salvation would mean for our lives.

The learners then used their creative talents to prepare short dramas on the themes of climate change, litter, and water.

A lot of fun was had by all, and they were able to educate the late comers who arrived from sports just in time to watch the dramas..!!


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