Bishops Unite for a Green Africa


Archbishop Albert Chama calls for the Province to become Green and Clean.

The Bishops of the Province of Central Africa (Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana and Malawi) met for their Bishops meeting in Lilongwe,  Diocese of Lake Malawi. The Young Green Anglican champions asked them to incorporate a tree planting exercise  before they met the warm heart of Africa – Malawi.        This was  in response to the call of Isaiah 65: 19-25 which talks of our role in social justice and the environment.

As church leaders, they set a good example to all young people in the church to priotize the need to care for environment, about 15 Bishops and their spouses planted trees at Anglican Diocese of Lake Malawi Secretariat premises.

In his address, the Archbishop Albert Chama pleaded with his fellow leaders to take a charge on environment and make the province look green and clean, as leaders they were requested to take a leading role in their respective dioceses, he emphasized on the important of environment in a daily life of a human and other animals, he asked the church to take care of the trees and do the same in their respective homes.

In his address, Bishop Francis Kaulanda, Bishop of Lake Malawi  thanked the Bishops for accepting to do this very important job amid of their tight schedule, as the hosting bishop he will make sure to monitor the planted trees so that one day all should sit under these trees. He thanked the Young Green Anglican champions for initiating this program.

About 50 trees have been planted around the diocesan secretariat premises, the clergy and laity took part on the planting exercise.


Shadreck Nyanja and Mike Mambote: Young Green Anglican activists

Shadreck Nyanja is the Lake Malawi Diocesan Youth President.archbishop-chama

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