Bishop Margaret calls on Anglicans to take the lead in water crisis


“Let us as Anglicans take the lead in showing Christian responsibility in the use of water”

The Western Cape of South Africa is facing an unprecedented water crisis. We only have 100 days of water left in our dams, and yet we are still using  26 million liters of water MORE than we should be.

The situation  has reached crisis level. Let us all work together consistently and seriously to use much less water and to invent ways to save water in the home. Our use and conservation of water not only during crisis times, but always, forms part of our stewardship of Gods bountiful resources. Let us a Anglicans take the lead in showing Christian responsibility in the use of water. We are utterly dependent on the forces within nature for water. We are dependent on God.

May I prayerfully invite every person tin the Diocese to:

Pray earnestly for summer rain and that rain will fall plentifully in the coming winter – give thanks to Go for the precious gift of water. When we say Grace at meals let us learn to also give thanks to God for the gift  of water to cleanse and revive us.

Call together all persons living in your household, including Tenants and  ask them to Obey  and Respect the municipal restrictions about the use of water currently in place and to go way beyond the  call of duty.



  • Honour the ban on using hosepipes (do not sneakily water your garden in the middle of the night because you don’t want to lose your lawn. For now we might have to lose our lawns to save human and animal life and to have sufficient water for the production of food
  • take a quick shower (not more than 3 minutes. Catch some of the water in a basin and use it to flush toilets or wet plants
  • if you don’t have a shower use the minimum of water in the bath – after all this is the daily practice of millions of people living in informal settlements
  • flush the loo only when necessary. Have a bucket in the kitchen to pour over grey water which may be used for toilet flushing. Put a clean brick in your cistern
  • repair leaking pipes and taps IMEDIATELY
  • Water plants and shrubs using a watering can early in the morning or at night
  • if you can afford to install water collection tanks you are seriously encouraged to do so. Perhaps our parishes can take the lead in collecting water in tanks during the rainy season and using that and other innovative measures to nurse gardens and lawns.
  • Report water leaks and vandalism of pipes to your local municipality
  • collect cold water while waiting for hot water to gush from the geyser.
  • plant water wise plants and shrubs and cover the ground with mulch
  • if you have a swimming pool, cover with tarpaulin to reduce evaporation.
  • teach every person in your household not to leave tap running when brushing teeth or rinsing edibles
  • Ensure washing machines and dishwashers are full before using them
  • if you have a bore hole – even that water has to be used sparingly simply because it may take several hundred years for the underground water to be replenished.
  • inasmuch as saving water is part of our christian stewardship and responsibility make this venture fun for the family: get everyone involved in innovating and multiple ways to save and conserve water NOT only now during this period of crisis but even when the rains fall plentifully

People of God let us live daily with an acute sense that water, fuel and food are essential commodities and  gifts we receive from Gods gracious hands. Let us develop a culture of responsible living and live simply so that others may simply live

The earth is the Lords and everything  that therein is – the compass of the world and those who live therein Psalm  24:1

bishop margaret

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