AWF in the Diocese of Mthatha makes a green difference

thulethuThe Anglican Women’s Fellowship (AWF) takes up the challenge in the  Diocese with a difference!In Mthatha Diocese—the “Diocese with  a difference”, they are already taking up the environmental challenge

Thuletu Ngudle was invited to conduct a workshop with the AWF. She works at Wessa (the Wildlife  and Environment Society of South Africa : and  her theme was “ Care for the Environment—towards poverty eradication”. She covered themes such as organic gardening and worm farms, climate change and food security, and how to reach out to our communities.

She also looked at waste management, for instance how you can create work from recycling. Let us watch the AWF take this programme forward in the Province!

“I am not a garden person, but I will get home and plant my plot of vegetables!”
Pumla Titus, Provincial Chair, Anglican Women’s Fellowship

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