Archdeaconry of Maitland Care for Creation Youth Workshop

On Friday the 7th of February, Green Anglicans was invited to run a workshop with the Archdeaconry of Maitland to discuss the issues around climate change and caring for creation. The workshop was part of a series of teachings to engage young people around critical issues that are facing our young people currently.

The workshop started off with a few ice breakers to get the young people to open up towards one another which also helped to split the group up.  We then looked at what are the problems and issues that are facing our world and in what ways we as are humans destroying our world. Once the participants were aware of the problems, we then looked at what God says through scripture is our role with regards to caring for creation. This then led into our discussion of what we as young people can do to restore God’s creation to the way he made it, “GOOD!”

The those present were the youth from the Church of the Good Shepherd Kensington, St. Timothy’s Factreton, a representative from the Tableview Archdeaconry, as well as Ordinate Barry Betz from St Michael’s All Angels Edgemead. We were also fortunate to have the Youth Chaplain, Rev Joshua Abrahams of the Archdeaconry of Maitland present and a special guest Teresa Perez a researcher from the UK with us.

We again would like to extend a huge thank you to the Archdeaconry Youth of Maitland for the invitation and look forward to maintaining the relationship for future joint ventures.

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