Anglican Students Commit to going green


The Anglican Students Provincial Conference took place in Mozambique and for the first time all six Countries  of ACSA (RSA, Swaziland, Lesotho, Mozambique, Angola and Namibia) were present.  They were excited to welcome Angola branch this year.

The students passed a resolution 4/2017 to add Environmental Activities as Key performance area for all regions. We are excited to see how the Students will lead the way in terms of these activities!

Thokozani Hlatshwayo presented on the theme of Water Justice

We were shocked to hear about the impact of Climate change and how it will lead to increase of drought and severe weather events such as flooding in other areas.

As Christians we cannot just stay in our churches and do nothing, we must get out there and make a difference in terms of water justice.

Firstly – water is sacred

The Bible actually mentions water 722 times! As Anglicans we are welcomed into the family of God through the waters of baptism. We also have water in our wine for the Eucharist – remembering that water and blood flowed from the side of Jesus on the cross.

Secondly – access to water

We must commit ourselves to helping every person have access to clean water. We must stop throwing litter which ends up in our waterways. We must save water where possible, by putting in jojos and mending leaking taps. It is important to pull out invasive plants which are water guzzlers! And we must remember that it takes a lot of water to produce meat.

Let us all live more simply so that others may simply live

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