A green Christmas in July

Green Christmas in July – St Philip the Deacon District 6

A truly special and memorable luncheon was held at St Philip the Deacon, D6 on Saturday 30th July attended by over 50 parishioners and members of (OWL) One Web of Life and SAFCEI. It was a coming together of a few heartfelt goals for all partners.  For OWL, it was an ideal opportunity to raise consciousness about the plight of factory farmed animals and to encourage this congregation to join Green Mondays and become more plant based in both their church catering and in their homes. The Parish Council used the occasion as a much needed fund raiser but in turn pledged that at least 50% of the dishes served at parish events in future will be plant based and that effort will be made to ensure that the remainder of the food is sourced from higher welfare farms.  It also promised to promote Green Monday/Green Eating at least once a month via announcements in church and reminders in the pew leaflet. Those who attended could not get over how delicious the 3 course meal catered by the Baxter Theatre – lentil soup, samosas, vegetable biriyani and vegan chocolate cake was. It is a small but significant step towards bringing the suffering of the animals we consume into the consciousness of Christians.


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