7 March: Go renewable

Jamee Lee Callard, Australia “Coal mining in Australia presents both an environmental and social issue for local and national communities. Not only are towns uprooted when a mine first arrives, but the false economy of a mining boom often leaves towns diminished in culture, economy, and community when it is finished. I have seen these impacts while traveling around Australia and it has caused me great anxiety and worry.”

Go renewable. Commit to getting one piece of solar equipment in 2018. This could be a solar light, a solar charger for your phone, or solar panels for your home or parish.


Solar power is a clean, reliable, affordable way to generate power. Rooftop or garden solar for your home or parish is a wonderful way to reduce your contribution to climate change and protect creation. Special financing arrangements in your area may make this investment easier. Spend a few minutes investigating what options are available in your region.

If a large solar array isn’t feasible, appliance-specific panels are a very good second option. A solar phone or laptop charger, lantern, or small generator all capture the sun’s energy to power the tools we use in our daily lives.

However you choose to incorporate solar power as an energy choice, you will reduce your dependence on fossil fuels. This is an expression of our faith’s call to love our neighbors by protecting them from climate change.

As Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has said, “Responding to climate change is an essential part of our responsibility to safeguard God’s creation. Meanwhile, to love our neighbour — particularly, in this case, our neighbour whom we may never meet but who lives daily with the profound threat posed by this moral crisis — is at the core of what it is to follow Jesus Christ.”

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