25th February: Save your cents!

You are my lamp, o Lord, the Lord turns my darkness into light – 2 Sam 22:29

Today have a thorough look at your daily life

Take time today to make a note of each time you use electricity – and how much.  This could be switching on your kettle for your first cup of coffee, turning on lights, computers, TVs, vacuum cleaners, to going through the check-out at the supermarket.

Over the course of the day, you will be surprised just how much electricity you DO use! Take a look at your list – were there times when your electricity usage was not crucial?  Will you be able to address electricity wastage going forward?

Make those small changes immediately- discuss with the family ways to make sure that lights are turned off, appliances unplugged.

And then consider the easy actions

  • change your light bulbs to energy efficient (use LED), put a blanket on your geyser (water heater) and install a timer.
  • check your geyser: You can actually check how much heat your geyser is losing by simply placing your hand on the geyser. If you feel your geyser is warm, then you know it needs a geyser blanket because it is losing heat. Insulate your hot water tank, turn it down to 60⁰C (most are set at 70)

And consider investing in the bigger actions

Solar Water Heater

Having a solar water heater installed can drastically reduce power consumption at home and save a ton of electricity! Using a solar water heater can save up to two thirds of the total water heating cost you build up at home. If you consider the costs of electricity, a solar water heater will pay itself off within six years.


Invest in good insulation in your roof, this will save on heating and you will be more comfortable

How do you heat?

Look at what you use to heat and cook. Can you look at changing from electricity to gas which is more efficient? Can you use a more efficient heating source..lose those blower fans!!!

And watch this video clip to remind yourself that every time to turn on something you are adding carbon emissions to the planet..?

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