23rd February: Map your movements

And the Samaritan put him on his own beast, and brought him to an inn and took care of him.” – Luke 10:44

We have got into the habit of travelling alone, one person in a car. This makes no sense in terms of saving petrol, money and the planet.

Here are some ways to reduce your petrol costs and your carbon footprint

  • Find a friend. For those regular trips, can you car pool?
  • Check out your public transport options. It might not work every time, but use it when it does.
  • Combine your trip with another.
  • What about your bike! Get in shape too
  • Couple of km? – walk!
  • Phone ahead – avoid that unnecessary journey by phoning ahead to see if the article you want is in stock
  • Think it through – do you need to do this trip at all?
  • Telecommute – will they allow you to work from home from time to time?
  • Skype your meetings! Is it really necessary to travel for that meeting or can you connect on skype?
  • Buy on the internet.

(with thanks to JAEI)

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