21st February : How is your church saving energy?


This week we will consider the theme of energy . How do we use energy at church, home and work? What can we do differently?

Today as you go to church, have a wander around – look at the types of light bulbs used , can they be changed for energy saving?  Are security lights on 24/7? Could they be put on a motion sensor?

What is used for cooking? Does the church use wonder bags to keep food hot? Might the church be able to switch to gas from electricity?

Is the hot water geyser on 24/7? Could it be put on a timer?

What heaters are used in the hall or office – are they the most energy saving?
Consider how you can bring this challenge (and solutions! ) to your church leadership

Here are a few ideas:

  • Changing light bulbs: Have a Green Sunday where each family brings one energy saving light bulb (LED ) to church
  • Wonder bags: either you could do a fundraiser to buy a couple for church or how about getting the Sunday School to make a home made wonder bag or hay box? Have a look at this site: home made wonder bag

And here is a beautiful thought from Archbishop Tutu for you this Lent.

“You are a light bulb, God is the electricity , your job is to stay plugged in”

May you stay plugged in to God this Lent

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