19 March: Spend time, not money

Sheila Chauhan, London “Long-term compassion for all within our ecosystem must replace the short-term lust to acquire more. ”

Celebrate the new way. For the Easter holidays, plan an outing in nature to rejoice in creation rather than consumption.


While you make plans for the Easter holiday, consider celebrating by spending time in nature with loved ones. As Easter brings us new beginnings after the season of Lent, we embark on a more sustainable relationship with creation.

Here are some ideas for a sustainable Easter celebration:

  • Visit a park for a picnic or walk.
  • Plant flowers or a tree with young children.
  • Sit outside with a grandparent or an elderly neighbor.

Christ risen means gladness and joy. As you make your plans now to celebrate with your loved ones, look ahead in joy to Christ’s resurrection:

Let all then enter the joy of Our Lord! Both the first and the last, and those who come after, enjoy your reward! Rich and poor, dance with one another, sober and slothful, celebrate the day. Those who have kept the fast and those who have not, rejoice today, for the table is richly spread.

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