19 February: Use your own water bottle

Jocina Manuel, Angola “Plastic litter is invading the sea. We see it floating. It is difficult to understand how the sea life survives in this. Even the children suffer from the pollution in our sea and on the land.”

Use your own water bottle. Plastic water bottles and other disposable dishware will not decompose for thousands of years. Commit to using your own dishware outside the home.

The facts on water bottles are tragic.

  • Around the world, people buy a total of 1 million plastic bottles per minute.
  • 91% of them are not recycled.
  • The average plastic bottle takes 400 years to decompose.

Refraining from buying bottled water and taking a reusable bottle with you are good ways to eliminate some of this waste. Taking a reusable water bottle with you is also a daily witness to the practice of stewardship, a discipline that grounds you in our faith.

Pray while filling your bottle:

Creator God, thank you for the blessing of water. Help me to steward it well and to practice care for your creation in all I do today. Amen.

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