18th February :  Fix your Fridge!

“By the breath of God ice is given, and the broad waters are frozen fast” Job 37:10

Today’s  Action: Fix your fridge! Here is how to make your fridge more efficient!Here are the Ten Commandments for a Cool Fridge

1) Thou shalt not open the door too much

Particularly if you have kids, you know fridge doors get opened dozens and dozens of times a day. Whenever that happens, warm air rushes in, making it harder for your appliance to keep cool. Leave the doors open longer than two minutes, and you’re putting strain on the fridge. So until they invent glass doors, do what you can to limit how often and how long your doors get yanked open. With shopping trips, lump all the refrigerated items into one big pile and then load up as fast as possible.

2) Thou shalt fill thy fridge

Stuff the fridge full —a full fridge means that there’s less hot air that needs cooling. If your fridge is empty, then fill fridge and freezer with bottles of water.

3) Thou shalt choose the right location

Don’t put your fridge near obvious hotspots – away from oven, and radiator etc Make sure there are a few inches of space around it for circulation.

4) Thou shalt check the Seals and the Frost

Just as leaky window and door seals yield a drafty house, a fridge with bad seals around the doors can’t do its job well. If your seals have suffered from wear or damage, try to get replacement parts.

5)  Thou shalt defrost thy freezer

As for the frost side, it’s a good idea to periodically defrost your freezer, as that will help it work better. If you see more than a quarter-inch of frost all the way around, it’s time.

6) Thou salt clean Those Coils

Dust is the enemy of many large appliances, dust on the coils of your fridge forces it to work harder. Use a vacuum cleaner and a small brush to get to those hard to reach areas. Your efforts will not only keep the fridge working better, but it will last lonter..

8) Thou shalt pick the Right Temperature

Going colder than the preferred temperature wastes electricity, and for refrigerators, Keep the refrigerator temperature at or below 40° F (4° C). The freezer temperature should be 0° F (-18° C). There are other benefits as well to sticking in this range: “Anything higher and foods will spoil too quickly (it also presents food poisoning problems). Anything lower and the food freezes up.”
9) Thou shalt not  put hot foods in the fridge let them cool down.

10) Thou shalt thaw frozen foods in the fridge rather than on the counter.

They’ll help cool the fridge as they defrost.

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