15 February: Lament

Bishop Api, Fiji “Like every indigenous Fijian, I derive my identity and sense of belonging from
the vanua (land). Today, the land to which I belong is in crisis. The source of my identity is threatened by the immense changes being brought about by climate change. The seas rise a little more every year, and more frequent, more deadly, and more extreme weather events are occurring. We are working to safeguard a future that is not ours, but our children’s. If we are of one mind, one heart, and one spirit, we can challenge leaders and decision-makers to work effectively to end the calamity that surely awaits us if we continue blindly down this road.”

Lament As we enter the Lenten season, reflect on the great lament of creation and those who share it. Pray with people around the world: Creator, open my heart to the pain of your creation.


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