12 March: Take shorter showers

Barbara Oosthuizen, South Africa “An ecological disaster such as running out of water affects us all–from the wealthiest to the poorest. For the first time, those who have always had easy access to water will experience what it feels like to have little. A crisis such as this is an equaliser.”

Take shorter showers. Time how long it takes you to shower. Set a goal of reducing that time, and use an alarm to make sure you’re on track.


Showers use the resources of God’s creation in two ways. First, the water itself is drawn from aquifers, reservoirs, and other sources. Second, water treatment and heating are very energy-intensive. In many areas, the water in showers is sanitized to the same level as water used for drinking, an industrial process that demands a great amount of electricity. In homes, the water is then heated, which again demands a large amount of electricity.

Shortening the length of your shower by any amount is a step in the right direction. Set yourself a goal and use a timer to check your progress. While setting your timer, reflect:

“Water is a sacred gift from God and, speaking for Christians, it’s not only not just full-time conservationists who are called to be stewards of God’s creation–it’s all of us!”

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