10 March: Choose smart transport

Dr. Mathew Koshy Punnackadu, India “Many major Indian cities, including Mumbai, Pune, and Kolkata, feel the impacts of air pollution. Our kids’ lungs are aging faster than they are. Children often feel the physical effects of toxic air acutely. We want our children to live. We must all urgently act to stop air pollution.”

Choose smart transport. As well as contributing to climate change, burning petrol and diesel fuels creates air pollution. Carpool, use public transportation, walk, or cycle wherever possible. If a car is your only option, drive to increase fuel efficiency.


Transportation that is powered by fossil fuels builds greenhouse gas emissions. Choosing low-impact ways to move throughout your day will meaningfully reduce your contribution to climate change.

Where possible, cycle or walk. For longer distances, choose shared transportation like public transport or carpooling. If driving your own car is the only viable option, increase your efficiency by accelerating and braking slowly, inflating your tires fully, and taking heavy loads out of the vehicle.

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