World Water Day – educating the youth about groundwater

World Water Day – Educating The Youth On Groundwater.


In celebrating of World Water Day, The Water Disciples visited Eluvukweni Anglican Church in Crossroads.

We were given the opportunity to reach out to young and bright children of the Eluvukweni Anglican Sunday School. We took this opportunity to educate these bright stars about the importance of conserving water particularly groundwater. This was an amazing experience for the Disciples as we enjoyed the day to the fullest.

We began our program for the day with a presentation based on the entire water cycle and the importance of groundwater. The children listened very attentively and were very much present and entertained by the presentation and couldn’t wait to ask questions. It was heartwarming. The presentation on the water cycle was followed up by a quiz based on the presentation and almost everyone participated just as we were hoping. It was amazing to see such energy coming from the children. They seemed very happy and excited about everything. They answered so many questions and brought their full participation which says a lot about them.

The quiz was followed up by a Bible verse as we always keep it spiritual and wanted to keep the Sunday school connected to God. We also had a segment for some fun and games to entertain the Sunday school. It made the Water Disciples very happy to see the children so happy, excited and energetic.

The day was ended on a high as the entire group of Water Disciples were invited into the church service and we were given a standing ovation. We were given multiple hands, they sang for us and sang a birthday song for me as I celebrated my 21st birthday along with one of my fellow Disciples, and most importantly we were prayed for by Reverend Rachel.

What an amazing experience this was. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend my day. I love and appreciate my fellow Water Disciples from the bottom of my heart and I cannot wait to work together again to raise awareness on water conservation.


               ⁃             Gino Fabio Thomas


We are grateful for the support of WWF South Africa for this program


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