Working together as instruments of the Lord’s peace

“Working together as Instruments of Lord’s peace.”

The Ecumenical youth in Cape Town have formed a group called Together4Creation which has been celebrating the Season of Creation together for several years and has also been involved in joint beach clean ups and other activities.

This year to mark the end of the Season of Creation the group held a  spiritual  hike at Tygerberg hills to commemorate St. Francis day ( which on the 4th of October each year ) . The aim of the hike was experience the beauty of God’s creation , as St Francis in known to be the patron of ecology and all animals .

During the hike we shared moments of prayer and had a reflection on the first line of the prayer of St Francis of Assis “Lord make me an instrument of your peace”, during this time we looked at what it means to be an instrument of peace, as Christians we need to give ourselves to God’s service as instruments which seek to restore creation to what was meant in Genesis  chapter 1 when it was written   “ ….and it was good”.

As those who care about God’s creation we need to know that not one instrument can be a solution to the problem but we each need to be like tools in a tool box which comes as a set. We all  play different roles when fixing a problem, this means we need to work together as a collective and listen to one another and become a solid team in order to reach our ultimate goal of seeing creation being good in the eyes of our Lord.

The hike ended with a picnic where we all together shared a meal and some goodies .

By : Bino Makhalanyane

Photo credit : Dominique Yon

Many thanks to the United Thank Offering for their support!

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