Take the Energy and Transport pledge

Creation is groaning

Romans 8: 22

Today we will consider how we can reduce our transport and energy usage?
Here are some pledges you might consider for the month ahead:

Commit to turning off all unnecessary lights.
We often just get into a habit of leaving lights on, but we can change those habits – turn off lights as you leave the room. Although they are expensive  to start off with, the costs savings of buying motion sensor lights over time are very high! Imagine instead of a light being on all night, it might only be on for a few minutes when you arrive home, or even to help to scare off an unwanted visitor!

Use ‘task’ lighting.
Turn off the ceiling lights and use table lamps or reading lamps, they use much less energy – They also create a nicer atmosphere.

Use less hot water
Remember that water had to be heated, so if you have a shorter shower and especially if you opt for a short shower instead of a bath, you are saving a lot of energy! Also turn off the water when shaving, washing hands, brushing teeth etc. and fix that dripping tap as soon as you can!

Unplug your electronics
Standby power can account for 10 percent of your average household’s annual electricity use

Lower the thermostat
Turn down the heat on your water geyser (heater) or heater in winter, aircon in summer

Clothes washing
Wash clothes in cold water and make sure you use full loads

Look after your fridge
Remember to defrost regularly and if the seal is not tight, get it replaced otherwise you are losing heat

Be efficient with refrigeration
Maintain clean, air-tight refrigerator door seals to keep the cold air in and warm air out.

If your freezer is empty, fill it with bottles of water to be more efficient. This will also keep food frozen for longer if you have a power cut.

Use the microwave instead of oven
It might take 15 mins in microwave instead of 1 hour in oven.

Save on transport
During the month of Lent why not decide to carpool or cycle to work one day a week or walk to the shops for small items.
Decide what you are going to do about energy and transport this Lent and make a pledge!

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