Season of Creation – Spring Hike


September is the start of  spring, and also  in the Anglican calendar (ACSA) it is youth month and also globally and ecumenically it is Season of Creation; a time where christians celebrate and honor God through taking care of the environment and all that lives in it.

Young people of parishes in the Pondoland parts of the Diocese of Mzimvubu took to Magwa Falls and Mbotyi beach in Lusikisk i eMampondweni in the Wildcoast.

#AYSApondoland grabbed the opportunity to learn while exploring nature by hiking and later swimming. One thing about nature is that; it is consistent if undisturbed. From the beautiful sounds of the water from the 142km high waterfall, to the chirping birds and the crunching sound of the wind against the leaves of the trees (mostly dry as it is season change). If you have any adrenaline rush bone in you we most definitely recommend Magwa for you 😉 if not well you can still enjoy the beautiful scenery from a distance

We are grateful to Revd. Mandla Rangana who hosted us as a Green Anglicans chaplain and further allowed us to celebrate provincial youth Sunday the next day at St Stephen’s(Qebedu). Further more we are forever indebted to the Green Anglicans office in Cape town for the love and support-

To be young and serve the Lord!

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